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Coronavirus: A blessing or a curse!

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

In light of the circumstances, we can’t help but think of all our friends & family who were to celebrate their weddings during these unsubstantial days and of all the hotels, the caterers, planners, bands, DJs, photographers and many more who play a vital role in making those festive days come to life.

Just like any unprecedented event there’s always a silver lining and that is how the whole industry, the whole world is coming together as one, supporting one another and shedding the light on the positive outcomes of the current outbreak.

“Just a week ago, I couldn’t imagine that coronavirus would have such a drastic effect on planning a wedding”, Shams, a 26-year-old wedding planner mentioned “It is all very surreal – a truth we never saw coming. Also a truth that gives us all a chance to relax, to be thankful for all the times we took for granted & most of all spend this time recreating”

Leylti among other wedding planners have been in endless discussions with the brides assisting them in the decision of when and how to reschedule their big days. “With so many people involved in the decision-making – it is certainly not easy to reach a decision that satisfies all. Luckily, we haven’t lost any money – our band, photographers, videographer, DJs ..even the venue were all supportive and gave us full refunds” said Miryam whose wedding was scheduled in April.

Another optimistic bride mentioned: “I was actually kind of relieved” she said shyly, “now I have even more time to plan, to lose weight, spend time with my family, to create endless Pinterest boards and most of all just to relax – just a week ago we were both stressed and afraid that we wouldn’t get things done before the wedding.”

This outbreak we believe isn’t what we can call a curse – it’s time to embrace it, take a chance to re-think, to create, to reflect and most of all to do more for others. Fear and uncertainty are normal, legit and justifiable - it is what we do with those feeling that matter. Take a deep breath, write down your blessings, help the elderly & watch yourself grow. Pray your heart out for those who have lost their loved ones, lost their jobs – pray for the world! It’s a beautiful day in the introvert world.

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