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10 wedding planning tasks you can do at home!

With lots of free time due to COVID-19, we definitely have a lot of free time. People are spending quality time with their families, making pizzas, cakes and puzzles. We have also witnessed a lot of Home work-outs and Tik Toks coming to life. So starting today, let’s also start planning your wedding.

Here’s a list of things you can do at Home that will help keeping you both occupied:

  1. Get Organized & delegate tasks

Get into your Monica Geller mood and start preparing files & checklists. This is the time for you to take a step back and get everything organized. Learn to delegate tasks when you need to – that would also give you time to relax and not overwhelm yourself. Remember your best friends are a phone call away and with this quarantine have all the time in the world to help you out.

  1. Practice Mindfulness and Connection

It’s very important to breathe & calm down. Look around you, accept the situation and realize that we all have this situation in common. Let that sink in. You can practice mindfulness & yoga with youaregaia_eg online classes.

  1. Create Your Wedding Guest List

Other than your wedding planner, excel is your best friend those coming days. Write down a list of all guests, categorize them into adults, young adults, seniors. Use color codes if you’re planning on a different set-up for the various group. If you’re having a bar, this list can also be categorized into nondrinkers, m

oderate and heavy – so you can get the right amount of bottles.

  1. DIY Some

thing for Your Day

Engrave the bottom of your shoe with “I do”, craft your wedding garter with blue lace and use it as your something blue. Learn how to sew and create knots of your handkerchiefs for all those happy family tears. If you’re into drawing and painting, why not create your own wedding sign and place it at the entrance of your wedding.

  1. Online shopping

Let’s play dress up, it could take you 3 or 4 days to get your honeymoon outfits ready. Start with your wardrobe, start making outfit and shop online in Egypt for the rest. Lots of local designers have outfits that would make you fabulous. Check out Fufa for beach dresses, Jude Benhalim for your jewelry and of course the famous Okhtein for the most stylish bags.

6. Watching your friend’s wedding video sure made you realize how to most of us just make fools of ourselves when dancing. So why not learn a move or two at home and impress your wedding guests with your brand new moves.

  1. Make a Playlist

Take a walk down memory lane with all your favorite 90s music as a child. He

aring those on your wedding day will overwhelm you with nostalgia and fill your heart with true happiness. Write down a list with songs that are special to you and your fiancée – songs that remind you of every stage of your life that led to this day.

8. Ideas for your Guest Book

More often than not, couples spend days and nights planning all details of their wedding and forget to appreciate the value of a unique guest book that reflects their personalities. Whether you’re an adventurer or a book worm, a personalized guest book can always be the one piece in your wedding that shouts out “YOU”. Of course, it will always be something you loo

k back to, show to your children and grandchildren and a special piece that keeps a part of that joyous festive day.

9. Learn to cook

Prepare yourself for the married life and learn how to make food for your loved ones. Maybe even ask for recipes from your mother-in-law and surprise your future husband with your s

kills later.. Everyone craves a good meal made with love.

10. Write your vows – one thing we admire about all those romantic movies is the part where they write and exchange their vows. So, why not plan a day with your fiancée where you’d write each other letters and imagine you’re at the ceremony somewhere else but Egypt 😊 That should be fun and will get your mind off all the negativities and would be a perfect reminder that all the waiting time is worthwhile.

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